Important message!

Opening hours during the summer

We have closed for summer v29-31. The office will open again on Monday the 7th of August.
For service request please Contact Sodexo on 018-14 30 20 (004618143020) or make report on our website.
If you have questions about student and accommodation, please email all  We will answer your questions when the office opens again in aug.
We wish you a nice summer!
Uppsala Akademiförvaltning

Administration 0 through five centuries Read more
Modern architecture 0 in a growing city Read more
The Uppsala University Foundations Management of Estates and Funds, called Uppsala Akademiförvaltning in Swedish, manages capital that has been donated with the intent of supporting the activities of Uppsala University. The history of Uppsala Akademiförvaltning goes back as far as 1624, when it was founded to administer the property of the so-called “Gustavian donation,” when King Gustavus Adolphus bequeathed land owned by the crown to Uppsala University. Read more